Grow Globally with Spanish-Speaking Influencers

There are roughly 300 million native Spanish speakers across 44 countries, making it the fourth most widely spoken language — suffice to say, the Spanish market is a critical one for brands. Each of the 44 Spanish-speaking countries has their own cultural norms and practices, making the practice of influencer marketing with Spanish speakers tricky as a blanket strategy cannot be used in order to reach the top Spanish-speaking markets.

Spanish Influencers

The Reach of an Spanish Influencer

Influencer Marketing is less of a region or country-based practice than it is a language-oriented one as the language an influencer speaks largely dictates who the message will reach.

Viewer geography depends strongly on the native country of the influencer; Spanish influencers are an excellent example of this concept. However, with a global topic like gaming, the viewership breakdown of a Spanish-speaking gaming influencer often looks something like:

  • 40% Spain
  • 20% Mexico
  • 10% Argentina    
  • 6% Chile
  • 6% Colombia
  • 18% Rest of the World
Spanish Influencers

Check out Our Work with Spanish-speaking Influencers

Looking for inspiration for your next influencer marketing campaign? Check out a few of the campaigns we’ve executed with Spanish influencers:

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Your Campaign with Spanish-speaking Influencers

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Tell your Story with Spanish-speaking Influencers

Depending on what brand message needs to be delivered, there is a range of opportunities to do so when working with Spanish content creators. Based on the varying needs of our clients and the stories they want to tell, we execute influencer marketing campaigns within each of the following categories.

Work with Influencers on all Social Media Channels

There are many social platforms where brands and influencers can work together. In fact, to have the greatest amount of impact, GameInfluencer suggests incorporating multiple platforms in each campaign as the best influencers often manage multiple social media channels through which they connect with their audience.

Types of Spanish Influencers

Luckily for brands, influencers and their audiences have different backgrounds, ages, geographies, and interests. To grow and engage with new audiences, brands should consider partnering with gaming and non-gaming influencers who create content that reaches a different yet desirable audience.

Influencers for Specific Gaming Platforms

Influencer Marketing can be targeted based on the gaming platform. Across different social media platforms, brands can engage with influencers and audiences that play on or are interested in the following platforms: PC (Steam, EpicGames, Browser), Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and old school systems), and Mobile (iOS, Android).

Are you also Interested in Expanding Beyond Spanish Speaking Influencers?

The global GameInfluencer team can localize influencer marketing campaigns within the desired market through the partnership of influencers who natively speak the language. We work with influencers across the world to meet and scale the needs of our clients.

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