What’s the point of Snapchat (Marketing)?

Influencer marketing on Snapchat, as well as the platform in general, have had quite the journey in proving themselves as a viable marketing channel for brands. Snapchat was initially focused on private, person-to-person photo sharing. These days you can use it for a range of different tasks, including sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating caricature-like Bitmoji avatars, and sharing a chronological “story” that is broadcast to all your followers. As it’s feature set has grown, so has the ability for brands seeking to reach a younger demographic, mainly through collaborating with influencers on the platform.

Snapchat Influencers

How we select the right Snapchat Influencers

Choosing the right influencer with an engaged audience is critical to a successful campaign. We specialize in targeted influencer marketing strategies to meet client needs.

Snapchat Influencers

Micro Snapchat Influencers

Snapchat is still a relevant platform for Micro Influencers to share additional content with their followers. It is a great platform to create short and creative content in forms of brand story takeovers or just snapchat stories.

Macro Snapchat Influencers

Even though Snapchat is used less among Macro Influencers, it can still be a great platform for brands that are active on it. Brand related snapchat story take overs are a popular strategy to generate authentic brand content.

Snapchat Influencers

Possibilities for collaborating with a Snapchat Influencer

The short-lived nature of Snapchat’s cibtebt (photos and short videos shared on the app, called “Snaps”, permanently vanish from an account after 24 hours) initially left many marketers hesitant to invest in the platform. However, Snapchat’s rapid growth has since attracted the world’s biggest brands to develop campaigns with Snapchat influencers. The possibilities for creative Snapchat influencer partnerships are plentiful – from traditional Snapchat images or videos, fun filters, Bitmojis, Snapchat Stories and more.

Snapchat Influencers

A “Snap”

The most basic form of partnership can come in the form of a single “Snap” which can last up to 10 seconds and can only be sent to friends of the user. We suggest that brands who wish to partner with Snapchat influencers do so in the form of a series of Snapchats which are then posted to the Snapchat Story for all followers to see.

Snapchat Story

A Snapchat Story, which lasts for 24 hours from the time that it’s posted, is a fun and often unscripted way for brands and influencer to partner. With the use of story features like the capability to use filters, add stickers, or incorporate links, brands can uniquely interact with the desired audience.

Snapchat Influencers
Snapchat Influencers

Snapchat Story Takeover

A Snapchat Story Takeover entails an influencer quite literally taking over the brand’s Snapchat Story for a specific time period, e.g. a day or for a specific event. Prior to going live on the sponsoring brand’s Snapchat, the influencer posts on their own account to invite their fans to follow the brand in order to come along on their journey.

Snapchat: Influencer Marketing Agency

GameInfluencer provides top gaming influencers that are social media active for all brands interested in Snapchat marketing. As an influencer marketing agency, we thrive on managing creative campaigns and finding the best-fit influencers with striking social media impact.

Premium Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer Marketing Platform Snapchat

Snapchat is a great interactive social media platform for influencer marketing as many influencers have additional communication channels such as Snapchat to connect with their follower-base. GameInfluencer provides creative and innovative Snapchat marketing strategies that are tailored to our client’s needs.

Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Snapchat marketing strategies are flexible and can be a great addition to video and live stream content. It is a great way to creatively push out promotions with Snapchat interactions via influencer or brand account.

Snapchat Influencer Marketing Costs

Influencer marketing costs and influencer marketing prices on Snapchat vary heavily on the type of strategy as well as influencers brands would like to work with. Fill out a campaign quote and our campaign managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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