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When it comes to live-streaming, especially that of video games, Twitch is the leading social platform. Due to its’ origins, Twitch’s primary audience is the gaming community; however, non-gaming brands have begun to discover the opportunities available to them via the platform and Twitch influencers. Twitch is making every effort to expand the scope of what sort of streams occur — users can now tune in for streams of DJ sets, art sessions, podcasts and more!

Twitch Influencers

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How we Select the Right Twitch Influencers

Twitch Influencers

Micro Twitch Influencers

Micro Twitch Influencers are live content creators that stream in a very specific niche to a smaller average CCV. This should not disencourage any brands as Micro Twitch Influencers have great engagement rates and a very loyal audience. For brands, these types of influencer could lead up to very positive conversion results.

Macro Twitch Influencers

Macro Twitch Influencers stand out with their large average viewer count and total follower base. Their large audience pool is great for brands that are looking to reach a large spectrum of different target audiences as well as looking for high exposure.

Macro Twitch Influencers are very experienced in brand collaborations and can hold great opportunities for brand partnerships.

Twitch Influencers

Branded Content with Twitch Influencers

Twitch Influencers

Dedicated Stream

A dedicated stream would be where an influencer dedicates their entire stream to your game. These streams are typically a couple hours long and always provide an in-depth look into gameplay and a game’s mechanics.

Twitch Panel & Chat Commands

Twitch panels are the graphics a streamer places in the “About” section of the Twitch profile. Panels are a great opportunity to link to the game/product. Chat commands are phrases (e.g. !GameName) that a streamer’s community can type into the chat to get more information on the game being played.

Twitch Influencers
Twitch Influencers

Product Placement

Non-gaming and gaming adjacent products are best promoted on Twitch via product placements. For example, Nvidia regularly partners with streamers, asking them to play video games while talking about the benefits of playing the game on a Nvidia RTX graphics card. Placements are also appropriate for gamer gear, tech products and more.

Twitch VOD

While influencer partnerships on Twitch executed in real time, there are opportunities for the partnership to exist beyond the stream via videos on demand (VOD). Brands can “clip” the stream so that a VOD is created and viewable once the promotion has ended.

Twitch Influencers
Twitch Influencers

Coordinated Stream

A great way of bringing the game into the top 10 in Twitch is coordinating a group of streamers to time their game simultaneously. This not only generates great exposure, but also helps to have better reach and make sure people get to know about the game.

Twitch: Influencer Marketing Agency

GameInfluencer provides top gaming influencers and Twitch streamers for all brands interested in Twitch marketing. As an influencer marketing agency we thrive on managing creative campaigns and finding the best-fit streamers.

Premium Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer Marketing Platform Twitch

Twitch is one of the best platforms for influencer marketing as there is a lot of gaming content on Twitch provided by many Twitch influencers. GameInfluencer provides creative and innovative twitch marketing strategies that are tailored to our client’s needs.

Twitch Influencer and Marketing Strategy

Twitch marketing strategies are flexible and provide a creative outlet for any brand that is looking to target gaming audiences. It is a great way to showcase products, services, or even just promotion for brand awareness.

Twitch Influencer Marketing Costs

Influencer marketing costs and influencer marketing prices on Twitch vary heavily on the type of strategy as well as influencers brands would like to work with. Fill out a campaign quote and our campaign managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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