Art & DIY: The Growing Online Art Culture

Social media has become the go-to platform for sharp cultural influencers who accumulated dedicated followings by sharing their sensibilities with the world. From sharing painting history to crafting with kids and DIY fashion, art influencers give you ideas and inspiration. Campaigns with DIY bloggers can result in shareable and creative content on behalf of your brand that reaches your target audience.


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What Type of Content Do Art & DIY Influencers Produce?


DIY Tutorials & Guides

There are so many different types of DIY influencers out there. Their followers are loyal and are always looking out for the next “how-to” project to try out on their own. Personal touches let everyone create their own unique product while also saving money in the process. These influencers are a great fit to any crafting and lifestyle campaign!


Everyone wants their daily life activities to be easier and more efficient. Tricks, shortcuts and skills are all over social media to increase your productivity. Creativity and a clever technique are key for a lifehack.



From illustrators to art specialists, Instagram is full of heavily engaged influencers sharing their experiences, opinions and knowledge on art culture. A highly engaged and niche target group that can transform a digital art experiment into a viral sensation.

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