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With the introduction of mobile technology, the way in which people play video games has changed dramatically. Mobile technology, specifically personal mobile phones, has given everyone the opportunity to get their game on in nearly any setting whether it be during their commute, hanging out with friends or relaxing at home.

Mobile Gaming Influencers

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Forms of Content for Collaborating with a Mobile Influencer

Mobile Gaming Influencers

Full Feature Let’s Play

A full feature video or ‘Let’s Play’ in the case of a game, is a video format entirely dedicated to a single mobile game. These videos can be scripted or off the cuff and are always made to provide in-depth insight in an entertaining way.


An integration is an ad format where the mobile app is naturally integrated into the content of the video and typically lasts between 60 to 90 seconds. For a brand integration to be successful it is best to find influencers who would personally use the product making their endorsement seamless and incredibly impactful.

Mobile Gaming Influencers
Mobile Gaming Influencers

Product Placement

As the name suggests, a product placement is an advertising format where influencers use the brand’s product in a natural or overt context; e.g. playing a mobile game during stream down time. 


Pre-roll placements are a brief yet effective way to reach an influencer’s audience. Typically lasting between 30 to 60-seconds, these advertisements quickly introduce viewers to a mobile application; covering its’ top features and closes with a compelling call to action.

Mobile Gaming Influencers

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