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With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for brands and influencers alike as its large user base is not the only benefit it has to offer. High levels of engagement are common across each of the content forms possible on Instagram, which brands and influencers can closely track the impact of.

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Looking for inspiration for your next influencer marketing campaign? Check out some of the campaigns and videos we’ve done with Instagram content creators in the past:

How we Select the Right Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers

Micro Instagram Influencers

Micro Influencers are content creators with a smaller audience yet highly engaged audience. Due to their size and close connection to their audience, they are perceived as  relatable, genuine and trustworthy — all of which leads to positive results for brand partners.

Micro Influencers are perfect for niche as well as mainstream brands who want to connect with their target market in a meaningful and impactful way.

Macro Instagram Influencers

Like Micro Influencers, there are also great benefits to working with Macro Influencers like extensive reach, and a broad as well as loyal audience.

Macro influencers also bring a higher level of professionalism and greater opportunities for viral content to brand partnerships.

Instagram Influencers

Content for Collaborating with an Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is a dedicated post that an Instagram influencer posts on their own feed. These posts can come in the form of a single image, video, GIF, image carousel or image collage — regardless of its form, it is always best when it’s authentic to the influencer to ensure high engagement and acceptance.

Instagram Stories & Highlights

Instagram Stories, which last for 24 hours from the time that they are posted, are a fun and often unscripted way for brands to reach an influencer’s audience. With the use of story features like the capability to use filters, add a poll, countdown or music, brands can uniquely interact with the desired audience. Instagram Story posts can then be added to an influencer’s Highlights section, which can last for an indefinite amount of time.

Instagram Influencers
Instagram Influencers

Stories Takeover

An Instagram Story Takeover entails an influencer taking over the brand’s Instagram Story for a specific time period, e.g. a day or for a specific event. Prior to going live on the sponsoring brand’s Instagram, the influencer posts on their own account to invite their fans to follow the brand in order to come along on their journey.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV is Instagram’s latest addition to the platform. IGTV allows Instagram content creators to create long-form video content mirroring that of YouTube or TV, as the name would imply. Instagram TV is a great opportunity to have a lasting video with in-depth brand details shared.

Instagram Influencers

Find the Best Influencers in our Database of 30+ Million

Influencer Database

Through our influencer database, we can identify which micro influencers, macro influencers, and everything in between is right for the campaign.



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Your Campaign with Instagram Influencers

Are you interested in learning more about what opportunities there are when it comes to working with Instagram content creators? GameInfluencer has you covered! From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to assist with your next influencer marketing campaign!

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Tell your Story with Instagram Influencers

Depending on what brand message needs to be delivered, there is a range of opportunities to do so when working with Instagram content creators. Based on the varying needs of our clients and the stories they want to tell, we execute influencer marketing campaigns within each of the following categories:

Instagram Influencers in Every Language

The global GameInfluencer team can localize influencer marketing campaigns within the desired market through the partnership of influencers who natively speak the language. We work with Instagram Content Creators across the world to meet and scale the needs of our clients.

Work with Different Types of Influencers

Luckily for brands, influencers and their audiences have different backgrounds, ages, geographies, and interests. To grow and engage with new audiences, brands should consider partnering with gaming and non-gaming influencers who create content that reaches a different yet desirable audience.

Influencers for Specific Gaming Platforms

Influencer Marketing can be targeted based on the gaming platform. Across different social media platforms, brands can engage with influencers and audiences that play on or are interested in the following platforms: PC (Steam, EpicGames, Browser), Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and old school systems), and Mobile (iOS, Android).

Are you not sure about Instagram? We’ve got you covered!

Instagram is just one of the many platforms where brands and influencers can work together. In fact, to have the greatest amount of impact, GameInfluencer suggests incorporating multiple platforms in each campaign as the best Influencers often manage multiple social media channels through which they connect with their audience.

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