Meet An Tran: New Campaign Manager at GameInfluencer

Meet An

We are super excited to have An Tran join the GameInfluencer Team as a new Campaign Manager! An joined us this November, the busiest time of the year, and has already added a lot to our campaigns, applying her professional experience, creativity, and passion for video games.

Before joining GameInfluencer, An had already worked in the influencer marketing industry at Matchmade. She also has an impressive background in Customer Support and Operations. For over the last 6 years, An has sharpened her expertise across various sectors (Game, Tourism, Hospitality, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and Fashion) in different customer-facing positions. 

“Despite the industry changes, what I enjoy doing stays the same: seeing the smiles on people’s faces as I help them resolve their issues or achieve success. As a gamer who loves managing complex projects, enhancing user experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing brand awareness, Influencer Marketing in the Game industry seems like a natural fit for me.” – An says.

Working as a Campaign Manager, An is responsible for coordinating the entire influencer marketing campaign process, working closely with clients, developing creative campaign briefs, monitoring campaign performance, and reporting on influencer marketing trends/best practices.

We had an exciting chat with An about her new position, working in the gaming industry and GameInfluencer, favourite video games, and inspiration. Let’s see what life at GameInfluencer looks like!

What are you most excited about as a new employee?

I joined the company in Q4/23, the busiest time of the year. With this, I get to see everyone in action from day 1 and have my hands dirty with new and ongoing campaigns, which is very exciting for me.

What are some of your favorite things about working in the gaming industry?

As a gamer myself, the behind-the-scenes of game production and marketing have been one of the most fascinating things for me. I love being a part of the effort that brings great games and gaming products to people all around the world. I also find it extremely fulfilling to help fellow gamers/influencers earn money doing what they love while creating amazing content that resonates with and connects people. 

What do you hope to learn or gain from working at GameInfluencer and/or in the gaming industry?

Joining GameInfluencer allows me to broaden my horizon on Influencer Marketing, as not only does the company offer a self-service platform for content creators but also premium campaigns where I can deep dive into a wider range of products, more social media platforms, and content types.

Top 3 are your favorite video games.

Assasin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

Return to Deponia


Top 3 gaming influencers you follow yourself.

Svings: I knew Svings through a few campaigns we worked on together. He makes videos mostly about Terraria and StarDew Valley. I don’t even play these two games, but I adore his sense of humour and creativity! His community is very funny and kind, which is always a plus.

Singsing: I came for Dota2 streams, and stayed for his fun personality and OTT unpredictable play styles in all the games he streams.

Iceiceice: another Dota2 streamer, but more on the serious side.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Playing games! When I am AFK, you can find me spending time with my rescued dog and watching anime. I’m also a part-time metalhead, a serial thrifter, an adventurous home cook, and a proud plant parent, caring for over 50 plants.

We are happy to have An on board and are looking forward to the many successful campaigns she will run at GameInfluencer. Welcome, An!