The Rise of Micro-Influencers

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For years, many brands relied on celebrity marketing as a means to promote their brand. Though working with such public figures has become increasingly less popular due to high costs and diminishing ROI. And while working with celebrities is still a tactic that many large brands utilize, many have begun to turn to influencers, whether they be macro or micro-influencers.

Macro influencers, as you might assume, have the largest followings, are most recognizable and have an incredible influence on their fan base. The Pewdiepies or the DanTDMs of the world are celebrities in their own right with the reach that can easily generate traffic for your game.


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Though the possibilities with macro-influencers are great, there are some downsides, namely their price. If partnering with such large influencers isn’t an option, consider micro-influencers who have substantial benefits associated with their partnership.

Micro and niche influencers, a subcategory of micro, are influencers with a smaller following ranging between 2,000 and 100,000.

While partnering with an influencer who has a smaller following may seem counterintuitive, let us assure you it most certainly is not. Micro-influencers boast similar benefits to the biggest influencers, but receive higher post engagement and are generally seen as more trustworthy and authentic, and working with them comes at a lower cost.

Higher Campaign Engagement Rates

The moderately sized followings of micro-influencers allow them to regularly connect and engage with their followers. 

Their followers are hyper-engaged with the posted content; commenting, liking and even making requests of what the influencer should cover next. In a survey conducted by HelloSociety, it was reported that micro-influencers receive campaign engagement rates that are 60% higher than campaigns run without them.

The relationship building that takes place in the comments section helps build the influencer’s perceived credibility and expertise, therefore, leading to a strong level of trust between the influencer and his/her followers.

Trusted & Authentic Recommendations

The credibility an influencer gains by engaging with his or her fanbase has a tremendous effect on their perceived trustworthiness and authenticity.
While micro-influencers have some level of fame, they are still relatively normal people. Their followers, therefore, can closely relate and connect with them on a personal level. This relatability creates trust and authenticity giving their product recommendations greater weight and in effect leads to higher conversion rates.

Micro-Influencer Program

More often than not, micro-influencers don’t have the high price tags that are par for the course when working with a macro influencer – if they like your game, they might sometimes even play it for free.

Many micro-influencers are still looking for the right game, that shoots their channel to the top and this might just be your game.

GameInfluencer has built a program, that recruits up-and-coming influencers for your game. We select suitable influencers from the 716,763 micro-influencers in our database, get them on board to your micro-influencer program, nourish the relationship and guide them in their content creation. This way, we start to build up an organic influencer coverage from the ground and plant the seeds of YouTube success.

If you are curious to know which micro-influencers could be a good fit for your game or want to learn more about the GameInfluencer micro-influencer program, please reach out to