Swappie: The Company That Used Influencers Marketing to Their Advantage

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In today’s day and age collaborating with online celebrities, also known as influencers, is the norm for most companies.

Finding a person with a big follower base that speaks to your target audience is a great way to promote your company and its products. At the same time, you gain also new customers and your audience grows.

Companies know that, for example, just paying a megastar influencer to promote one of their new products will help them reach a large audience.

With just a social media post, they reach a new or lost target audience that they would never be able to attract with traditional marketing methods.

Nowadays, Gen Z and millennials strain away from watching TV but are found on digital platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

When done right, any business can benefit from influencer marketing, and European company Swappie proved just that. Swappie is a European company that buys and sells refurbished smartphones.

Swappie’s Success

The company launched in 2016 with its headquarters in Helsinki. Swappie currently has annual revenue of 100 million euros and is represented in 15 European countries. Their slogan is “buy smart not new”, and if there is one thing that is smart about Swappie its not the smartphones, but their marketing strategy.

Swappie reached out to hundreds of influencers/content creators on YouTube and Tiktok, from various different genres. Their products are universal and can be applied to every industry that is represented on the earlier mentioned platforms. This allows Swappie to target a broad target audience for its influencer activations.

The company contacted a range of influencers from different industries like: cosmetics, technology, ASMR, singers, vloggers and tiktokers.  In a matter of months everyone knew who Swappie was, what they offered and why the were a real alternative in the mobile market.

Many negative online community comments were made about Swappie’s ad placements. Nevertheless, Swappie did not stop and grew to become a successful brand in Europe.

Swappie proved the value of influencer marketing and that when well-strategized, your company can massively benefit its reach.

If you wan to know more about Swappie you can check their website.