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Kwingsletsplay is a couples fun gaming channel on youtube. Kwings is a married couple that love playing video games together and who have created gaming content for over 10 years. They upload multiple videos per week and also found their love for livestreaming. Kwings play a variety of games as they try to look at as many NEW Releases as possible each month. Games they have reviewed in the past are: Nintendo Games, Star Wars, DC Comics, Lego games, Anime, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Fortnite. You can expect radical gaming adventures and a lot of love for geek culture.


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Depending on what brand message needs to be delivered, there is a range of opportunities to do so when working with influencers. Based on the varying needs of our clients and the stories they want to tell, we execute influencer marketing campaigns within each of the following categories:

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Influencer Marketing is less of a region or country-based practice than it is a language-oriented one, as the language an influencer speaks largely dictates who the message will reach. The internationally known games of our clients mean that they have markets across the world that need to be reached.

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The gaming audience is diverse with varied interests and hobbies. Publishers and developers can reach and create new audiences by partnering with influencers who may at first glance not appear to be the most suitable partner.

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There are countless platforms where brands and influencers can work together. In fact, to have the greatest amount of impact, GameInfluencer suggests incorporating multiple platforms in each campaign as the best influencers often manage multiple social media channels through which they connect with their audience.

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