The Battle Cats Case Study 2023

Celebrating 9 Lives of Success: Discover The Battle Cats’ Epic TikTok Campaign For Its 9th Anniversary

Who does not know The Battle Cats, a free-to-play tower defence video game about the weirdly cute cats running rampant across the galaxy! Now it is time to celebrate 9 Years of this fantastic game!

Together with PONOS and 5 creative influencers, we ran an epic campaign on TikTok and YouTube Shorts to kick off the real celebration with a spectacular set of special events, capsules and rewards. Take a look at how it went!

In The Battle Cats, players can develop their own Cat Army by recruiting dozens of rare cats and collecting glorious treasures while taking over the world. That is where you can also fire the Cat Cannon to blast baddies getting too close to your base or enjoy three Story Mode adventures and the Legend challenges.

This September, The Battle Cats got even more cool features and rewards. For celebrating the 9th Anniversary of the game, PONOS added special perks, discounts, extra amount of Cat food, Platinum Ticket sales and other great benefits for the loyal players from all over the world.

Campaign Goal

The goal was to execute a creative and memorable TikTok & YouTube Shorts Anniversary campaign to help The Battle Cats cut through the social media noise and reach unique audiences.

Besides focusing on the core gamers, our strategy also extended to captivate a more diverse audience, including casual gamers and activating sketch comedy channels. The overarching goal was to broaden the game’s market reach and diversify its appeal to various consumer segments.

The whole campaign took place in September 2023, included 5 influencers, and successfully increased the overall awareness of the title.

Meet the Influencers
















Campaign Video Content

The most memorable ads were created by Reidboehm, whose video gained over 760K views, and Hewmoran, whose ad got over 694 hours of the total watch time.

The overall campaign with 5 videos went live both on TikTok and Youtube Shorts, successfully gaining 2.7M+ views, 21K+ likes, 758 comments, and 531 saves. Let’s take a look at the content pieces:

Campaign Successes

1. Collaborated with large content creators!
2. Attracted a more diverse audience, including casual gamers and sketch comedy fans!
3. Generated over 2.7M views!

Fan Engagement

It was a pleasure to see old players getting excited about the game again and new players becoming interested in the title. All influencers’ audiences enjoyed the entertaining videos and shared many positive and funny thoughts in the comments.

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