Unveiling Insights: Key Takeaways from PGC London 2024

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PGC London 2024 brought together industry leaders to share insights and discuss trends shaping the future of gaming. Here are some key learnings that our team brought from the conference.

Evolution of Mobile UA

Gamelight, a company utilizing AI algorithms, showcased its prowess in finding new target audiences for game companies. A noteworthy example involved a $3 million marketing budget in the US market for a mobile publisher. Collaborating with Goat Games, Gamelight achieved 150,000 downloads, emphasizing the significance of effective UA strategies.

Companies are allocating test budgets to identify the most efficient UA solutions in the highly competitive market. With brands struggling to determine the best approaches, the evolution of mobile UA remains a critical aspect of the gaming industry.

Leveraging Analytics for Marketing

Mobile consumers spending less in-app, complex marketing budgets, and stricter data privacy regulations, particularly by Apple, are shaping the analytics landscape.

The shift of budgets from iOS to Android is notable, driven by the challenges posed by Apple’s SKAN (SKAdNetwork). While iOS users remain bigger spenders, data considerations have elevated the priority of Android. Marketers are encouraged to remain flexible, experiment with solutions, and adapt to changing circumstances.

UA Challenges

The pace of technological advancements outpacing regulations poses a challenge, emphasizing the need for industry-wide compliance with CMPs. The use of CTV (Connected TV) as a gaming solution and exploring platforms beyond the App Store during soft launches were discussed as potential strategies.

Innovation is a Cornerstone for Succes

Innovation is a cornerstone for success, with a focus on trending themes and real-world events. The initial 20-30 seconds of a game’s impression are crucial, and studios are encouraged to align their marketing plans accordingly. Listening to players and incorporating their feedback is emphasized, with low-friction marketing and one-click experiences proving effective.

User-Generated Content

The UA panel underscored the significance of User-Generated Content (UGC), with 50% of budgets allocated to it. Community building and unscripted authenticity were highlighted as crucial elements for success. Uplifted’s automated video ad creation and the blend of technology and creativity were emphasized as the essence of successful UGC campaigns.

PGC London provided a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, highlighting the need for innovation, adaptability, and strategic collaboration to navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities in the industry.