VERO: Is There Room for Another Social Media Platform?


Vero, the newly viral social media app which launched in 2015, has experienced explosive growth over the past few weeks  — going from 150,000 users to over 3 million. Driven by a strong PR push and synchronized influencer partnerships, the app is now making waves across the board. Competitors, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, brands and everyday users are rushing to find out whether or not they should invest their time, money and energy in the app.

What is Vero?

Vero, meaning “true”, is an iOS and Android, subscription-based platform void of an algorithm and all advertisements.

What does this mean for users? 

For starters, the platform is free at the moment. While the first 1 million members were to receive free membership for life, the offer has since been extended indefinitely due to the surge of newcomers. Vero has yet to determine when the fee will be formally in place and how much it will be.

Secondly, with Vero being algorithm free, users will see posts in chronological order. Apps like Instagram and Facebook have received user backlash regarding their algorithms; to which they’ve made changes, though it may be too little, too late. This is a major differentiator for Vero and one that many influencers and users are praising.

And third, the brand’s manifesto states that Vero users are their customers, not advertisers; so annoying or irrelevant ads won’t be part of a users feed and never will be. 

Users can share privately to connections categorized as a “close friend or “friend” or more publicly to “acquaintances” or “followers”. The type of content is comprised of photos; which can be edited in-app, videos, links to their favorite articles, music which can be enjoyed via Apple Music without leaving Vero, movie trailers, books they’re reading or recommend and places.


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Vero & Influencer Marketing

In an effort to avoid restrictive algorithms and grow closer to their followers, influencers have begun migrating and building up their communities on Vero. Tastemakers like Christian Collins, PAULi, and Zach Synder have led the charge and more are sure to follow.

Vero’s registration process and user interface lend themselves to influencer and affiliate marketing.

All Vero users are required to register with a phone number in order to authenticate their account, so those looking to forge engagement in order to “boost” their numbers will be presented with a challenge. Brands are less likely to be duped by “fake” influencers like has happened on other platforms.

Within the app, purchasing products, whether it be a book, music or something else, is highly encouraged and easy — a user can begin and complete their purchase within seconds. Influencers are likely to see higher conversion rates with decreased purchase barriers and brands will benefit in effect.

The Verdict

Despite growing pains and some negative PR coverage, Vero’s future seems promising. Its influencer community is quickly growing as is its’ general user base, so it is only a matter of time before they stake their claim in social media history and influencer marketing on the platform takes off.

If you want to be among the first movers for influencer marketing on Vero, reach out to to learn more about the possibilities of the new platform.