Beer, Dirndl, Lederhosen, and Oktoberfest: GameInfluencer’s Offsite in Munich 2023

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Going to Munich for Oktoberfest has already become a tradition for our GameInfluencer team and there was no doubt about the next destination after our April Offsite in Croatia.

We cherish the tradition of meeting in person, celebrating our achievements and creating a harmonious atmosphere within our team. And what can be better than having a perfect combination of a productive workshop, Korean BBQ and Oktoberfest?

Welcome to Munich: the city of the world’s largest folk festival

What is better than visiting Munich? Travelling there during Oktoberfest!

A beer festival, a travelling carnival, a place to have fun, meet, eat, drink, and admire the old German traditions.

For some of our colleagues it was their first Oktoberfest, which means the first time wearing Dirndl or Lederhosen! Wearing the traditional clothing brought us so much extra fun and joy. 

We spent one of the offsite days at Munich’s Theresienwiese, sitting in one of the huge tents with loud music (might be quite overwhelming at the beginning :D), litres of beer and amazingly delicious Bavarian dishes. And those who stayed longer even took some rides on the roller coaster screaming something about the best offsite in their life. 

Bonding Beyond Zoom Calls

In some rare moments when we did not eat or drink, we actually worked (surprise!). SAE Institute kindly invited us to visit them in their Munich campus, and we spent the whole day working together, discussing Q3 results, and setting up goals for the rest of the year.

Spending time together allowed us not only to celebrate our achievements from the last quarter but also to ignite fresh ideas and create a stronger bond between all the team members.

And those who work hard get the most delicious Korean BBQ by the end of the day. One of the most remarkable aspects of this offsite was the way it brought us closer as a team outside the working routine. Sharing food, laughing togethers, and toasting with steins of beer created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds between us.

As we navigated the bustling beer tents and sampled delicious Bavarian cuisine, we discovered common interests, celebrated our differences, and returned to the workplace with a renewed sense of camaraderie.

We learned that team building doesn’t always have to be about whiteboard brainstorming sessions – sometimes, it’s about embracing cultural experiences and having fun together.


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