Behind the Scenes: Meet Elsa, Head of Account Management at GameInfluencer

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Meet Elsa, Head of Account Management, who is leading the Sales and Campaign teams at GameInfluencer, bringing all different creative ideas and strategies to our partners around the world. Elsa joined our team after graduating from the dual master studies in Business Administration in Taiwan and Germany, gaining an exceptional international experience and knowledge about Asian and European markets.

We’ve prepared an inspiring interview with her and are excited to share this story with you!

Can you share a little about your background and your career path?

I am originally from Taiwan, growing up with a big passion for music and gaming. If I’m not with my dance crew after school then I’ll be playing Sims on my PC and Pokemon on my Gameboy at home most of the time. And little did I know that basically had a huge influence on my future career in the gaming industry. 

But I didn’t jump in the gaming industry right away, I started off my internship in the biggest TV station in Taiwan – Taiwan Television. When I was in the project team in the media department, working with influencers, print magazines, and digital media on Music Awards, Conferences, and events opened the opportunity for me to be an interpreter and bilingual Emcee afterwards in different events. And my top highlight will definitely be the 1st YouTube FanFest in Taiwan in 2018 – being the local fixer for this event and I’ve managed and coordinated the show requirements with the Show Director, Show Team, Social Media Team, 13 groups of artists (Youtubers) and Google Taiwan. The best and valuable experience that really shaped me who I am today.

And after graduating my dual master studies in Business Administration both in Taiwan and Germany. I came across the opportunity at GameInfluencer which I know my love for gaming is always there. Starting as a trainee, and 3 years later I am the Head of Account Management leading the Sales and Campaign team at GameInfluencer bringing all different creative ideas and strategies to our partners around the world. 

What is the most exciting/interesting part of your work?

Starting in the Sales and Campaign department till now leading these 2 departments, the most fascinating part is to work on different projects with our partners, brainstorming the best influencer marketing solutions for them, what approaches are  best resonating with the target audience and how we improve the KPIs and the impact we bring in each and every projects. 

It’s a very rewarding feeling to see the impact of how your ideas come to life and how well they are received by the influencers and the audience. Other than that, facing new challenges every day and knowing how to adapt, I’m pretty thankful that we’re growing as a team and we’re able to create this environment for the team members as well!

What is the most challenging part and how do you handle it?

Without a doubt, the trickiest aspect is creating strategic blueprints for the departments. It’s about finding the perfect mix of approaches for the team to grow and create a strong sense of ownership. Ensure that everyone feels they are continually growing and exploring different areas where their strengths and talents can truly shine and contribute to the company’s success. 

And how do I do that? Oof! Fake it until you make it! But all kidding aside, it’s all about learning by doing, active listening, and finding the best balance. I’ll admit, I’m still navigating all the twists and turns. But honestly, who ever said perfection was the goal? We’re all human and learning as we go, right?

What was your most favourite project you worked on at GameInfluencer?

Oh boy, the options are overflowing, and trust me, it’s a real challenge to pick just one. However, I’d say I absolutely adore diving into those TikTok campaigns. Taking those creative sparks and bringing them to life with the creators is like a burst of energy!!!

For huge events, then let me tell you about one in 2021 – that year was a whirlwind. One standout moment was when we teamed up with Com2uS for the Summoners War: Lost Centuria World 100 Invitation Tournament. I’ve managed all those EN and EU streamers for that mammoth 8-hour global event was not only eye-opening but an absolute blast. It was a real rollercoaster of an experience!

Top 3 your most favourite video games.

The Sims 4 – Build your dream home and use various custom cc’s to create even more complex buildings, why not? And even take a Sims room tour of your creation? It’s the most satisfying feeling ever. And when you log out of the game, it’s already 5-6 hours later…. 😅

Plant zoo – I’m a huge animal fan and building different zoo styles with different cages or areas for different animals. Twilight pack DLC might be my favorite so far! 😍 

Honkai Star Rail – I’m totally addicted to it!!! The animation of each character’s special abilities in the turn-based fight is just really good and the gameplay and side quests are just great. All my characters are already level up to lv.70 at the moment so you can see how much time I spent on the game already. Haha!

Top 3 gaming influencers you follow yourself.

Corey Tonge – a true talent and a dear friend. Most creative person I have to say in the field with his content!

Beam – A German influencer who plays various simulation and survival games, but I especially love when he plays Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution 2. All the cages he made in Planet Zoo were just incredibly beautiful! And his voice is just so calming with a giggle here and there in his Let’s Play that makes me giggle too!

Lilsimsie – My favorite thing is watching her review and build houses in Sims, different challenges with her own creativity makes me think “Why didn’t I think of that before for my build in Sims?!” 

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