Paysafecard Case Study 2020

How Paysafecard increased their userbase by executing 6 Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Together with Paysafecard we executed a current total of 6 campaigns including: Steam Summer Sale, Fifa 21, Champions League, Black Friday, Brawl Stars, and a Valorant Campaign. A range of content types were included such as: full features, integrations, live streams, pack openings, SBBs, Tournament streams etc.

This large scaled influencer marketing project included: cross platform integrations and multiple distribution channels. GameInfluencer managed the large range of creative content all influencers related to the campaigns.

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Campaign Goals

Our goal together with Paysafecard was to run a multitude of campaigns to promote their easy payment methods and increase the Paysafecard userbase. Together with Paysafecard we collaborated with over 30 influencers from different regions.

A combination of Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram creatives were developed to target the Eurpoean Marketing (DACH region, UK, France and Italy). Paysafecard also used the influencer content for ad creatives.

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Meet some of the Influencers

Talent Portfolio


707K Subscribers

Talent Portfolio


980K Subscribers

Talent Portfolio


1.04M Subscribers

Marvin Vlogt


329K Subscribers

Gustaf Gabel

Gustaf Gabel

302K Subscribers



22K Subscribers

Sev Youtube


454K Subscribers



125K Subscribers

Theo Baker

Theo Baker

199K Subscribers



729K Subscribers

Some of the Paysafe Content

6 Influencer Marketing Campaigns

To kick off the entire Paysafecard project, we collaborated with the German mobile Brawl Stars talents including Clashgames, Lukas, MarivnVlogt and Puuki. The content focused on crazy big box openings in Brawl Stars, supported by Paysafecard.

We, then continued with the Steam Summer Sale promotion on Twitch and Youtube. Talents that promoted the Steam Summer Sale were: Lory, Reved, Izaynia, D1rtyd3vil, Sev, xMurry, TheLoneGamer and Siphano. Paysafecard is an easy solution to top up your steam account credit and buy your favorite game!


Next up we had a Valorant live twitch campaign with 5 talents including Dhalucard, Circouss, rAX1337, Nookyy and elkarramba. Simple paysafecard integrations were used here for additional reach into the Valorant community.

Continuing with the 4th campaign, Paysafecard collaborated with 6 football youtuber ethuastist to release content for some Champions League Sports Betting. A great combination for Paysafecard and the online football comunity. Talents included: Strikers, DAVH, ExSet, Theo Baker, Stephen Howson and SAM FOOTX.


As a second relevant football campaign, Paysafecard collaborated with 7 Fifa 21 Youtubers including Tabak, Smexy, Feelfifa, Pain, Lpmassive and Wakez. For the creatives, we developed a combination of pack openings, a live fifa 21 tournament and social media postings.

During the cold festive seasons Black Friday was coming up! We decided to drop in a small Black Friday paysafecard campaign with Sev and Zander on Twitch. This campaign generated over 100,000 views for paysafecard on its own.

Fan Engagement

Fan reaction to the sponsored Paysafecard content were well received amounting to a stable 9.56% engagement rate across the board. Additionally, the Paysafecard integrations did not take away from the quality and authenticity of the influencers content.

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