Behind the Scenes: Meet Ivanna, Campaign Manager at GameInfluencer

Meet Ivanna

Each of our team members has a unique and inspiring career path with lots of exceptional experience in the past and exciting projects at GameInfluencer. We are excited to continue introducing our colleagues and show more of “Behind the scenes” of our company. Meet Ivanna Putalkevych, one of our skilled and passionate campaign managers from Ukraine who leads with creativity and strategic expertise.

We ran a small interview with her asking about her work, projects, challenges, and video games. Get ready to be inspired by her unique story!

Can you share a little about your background and your career path? 

My background is quite varied. I’m an English teacher by profession and I started my career as an English teacher in a private school. After about a year, I realized that I wanted to try something different and I tried working as a communications manager doing cold calls. Looking for new challenges, I joined GameInfluencer as a Sales Manager, initially handling outbound activities and building client relationships. As I delved deeper into the gaming industry and influencer marketing, I was drawn to the dynamic world of campaign management. Embracing the opportunity, I transitioned into campaign management.

What are your responsibilities at GameInfluencer?

As a Campaign Manager, my primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate the entire influencer marketing campaign process, which includes communicating with clients and influencers, onboarding influencers, creating briefings, content approval process, monitoring campaign performance, tracking KPIs, and analyzing data to create campaign wrap-up reports.

What is the most exciting/interesting part of your work?

Watching YouTube and TikTok as a part of job, haha. 

I’d say brainstorming sessions are always something I enjoy a lot as it’s time when you can get creative, and it’s always so funny to see how ideas inspire other ideas in an endless chain. Sometimes our team can literally go crazy while coming up with a really great strategy. 

And the other part that I really love is connecting with people from all over the world. Talking to influencers and getting to know them personally, as well as working with the biggest brands in the industry, fuels my professional passion every day.

What is the most challenging part and how do you handle it?

I would say it’s always a challenge to oversee all the possible obstacles and difficulties that can come up during the campaign process and to have a backup plan for those situations. So I’m always a fan of planning ahead and minimizing any unexpected twists and turns to make sure we maximize our success for each campaign.

What was your most favourite project/campaign you worked on?

It’s really difficult to pick one campaign that’s my favorite because we really put 1000% of our effort or even more into every campaign we run and very often to be honest I end up playing our clients’ video games in my spare time.

Since I really like a challenge, I’d say the campaign for Like a Dragon: Ishin! is definitely one of my favorites because of its complexity, the creative concepts we were able to bring to life with the influencers, and certainly the same level of passion we shared with the client.

Top 3 your most favourite video games.

Covet Fashion

The Sims 4 

Neighbors from Hell – childhood most favorite game, one of the first ones I played

Top 3 gaming influencers you follow yourself.

Corey Tonge

Let’s Game It Out 


We are happy to have Ivanna in our team and wish her the best creative campaigns!

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