Covet Fashion NYFW Case Study 2021

How Glu Mobile ran a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign for the New York Fashion Week

The American Game Developer and Publisher Glu Mobile Inc. came to GameInfluencer with an “extra” request for the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). We couldn’t say no. Together with Glu and their fashion-oriented game “Covet Fashion”, we launched an influencer marketing campaign surrounding not any fashion week, but the NYFW… THE NYFW!

For a mobile app like Covet Fashion and their Instagram filters, a heavy mobile dominant platform like TikTok worked like a charm for this campaign. In just 2 weeks, we put together an entire TikTok Creative Campaign for Glu and activated 4 TikTok content creators in the US.

Surrounding the NYFW timeline, we managed to pick up installs ranging from hardcore fashion bloggers to casual gamers looking for some fashion advice and help for the Autumn/Winter collection!

Campaign Goal

For the Covet Fashion Campaign in collaboration with the NYFW, we heavily focused on the US market as it best represented the goals for the entire project. In addition, the US mobile market is the largest in the western region.

A total of 4 TikTok Creators were chosen to take part in the Covet Fashion Campaign. The goal of the campaign was to seek a large amount of brand awareness for the NYFW through Covet Fashion, while also driving new users to the app.

The aim was to push the Covet Fashion Instagram filter, across multiple platforms. This included investing in different fashion influencers, who had an interest in gaming/NYFW.


Meet the Influencers













Campaign TikTok Video Content

Following popular TikTok trends, Creators integrated Covet Fashion into their TikTok content style to create authentic ad integrations.

Below the TikTok content is showcased:

Fan Engagement

Just looking at the engagement rate of 10% +, it is great to see how the campaign performed on TikTok. The engaging content had a close to 2 million viewers reach with just 4 content pieces.

Instagram filter promotion over TikTok is something new that we felt would work very well for Glu mobile. A lot of nostalgic feelings from old Covet Fashion players have returned to check it out again!

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