GameInfluencer’s Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2019

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It’s been an exciting 2019 here at GameInfluencer and we’d love to take the opportunity to share what we’ve been up to. With gaming brands and influencers alike, we’ve worked hard over the last year to create amazing campaigns and memorable experiences for gaming fans around the world. Here are a few of our favorites from 2019:

PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

The game was released on mobile android and IOS devices in 2018. After the tremendous success of the mobile version of PUBG, Tencent wanted to engage new and existing players on a regular basis, setting up a streaming campaign over a period of a month. We selected top German shooter and mobile talents such as: Lory, Lost, Puuki and Clashgames to promote not only the game itself but also its competitive scene with it’s world finals which were held during the stream event.


facebook lvie

In, Facebook has created a global community and creator-first gaming platform. It gives content creators around the world the opportunity to live stream on the biggest social media platform in the world. The goal of this ongoing operation is to educate well established as well as up and coming creators about the opportunities that Facebook Gaming provides and help them get started on the new platform. As a result, GameInfluencer brought a six figure number of streamers to Facebook’s platform.

Nvidia RTX – Minecraft


Nvidia and Microsoft are currently working on a new RTX version of Minecraft on Windows 10 which supports Nvidia’s ray tracing technology. To showcase the new tech, Nvidia hosted a preview event behind closed doors at their office in Munich, Germany. Our team selected a broad range of Minecraft creators, educated them about the new mode, took care of their travel and accommodation as well as the content production and release post-event. Creators like Dr. Benx, Logo, Dreemtum, Awesome Elina, CraftingPat had fun in Munich and were blown away by the graphic fidelity of the new mode.

Call of War


For the real time strategy (RTS) game Call of War, we were looking for specific niche RTS war influencers that would be very fitting for the campaign. The strategy was very particular, which included a 3 video sequence, generating great quality contents with creators like Keralis. He even made a special intro just for the videos! Black Friday content was included for discount offers for additional promotion. Bytro Labs was great to work with. It is always fun to work with teams that are flexible, responsive, fast and receptive to ideas.

Knights and Pen Paper 2


Knights and Pen Paper 2 is a turn-based, retro style and pixel-art adventure developed by Paradox Interactive. Chosen influencers for this campaign were Critical Role, JoCat, RuneSmith and Blitz. Check out our Knights and Pen Paper 2 Case Study to see how to successfully target a niche audience with influencers.

Unruly Heroes

Unrurly Heroes

Unruly Heroes is a cooperative platformer by Magic Design Studios – an indie developer with a core team of veterans in the video game industry. A lot of the team members have worked at Ubisoft on titles such as Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Valiant Hearts, Ghost Recon Wildlands (and many other series). Together we looked for influencers for the English, Spanish and Portugese speaking markets. The goal of the campaign was to create a global push through Let’s Play videos on YouTube. Collaborating with YouTubers such as Jacksepticeye, BRKsEDU, Zico Tops and many more, accumulated a total reach of over 2 million.



LootBoy is an app for gamers where you can rip open free LootPacks and receive exciting digital content. To drive cost effective and high quality installs we helped LootBoy partner with major gaming influencers in games like Fortnite, GTA and more. The influencers were able to explain and showcase the app to their fans by ripping open several packs themselves and showing off the cool prizes they won. In addition, LootBoy partnered with several Superstar Influencers to create their very own custom LootPacks in which fans could win a 1 on 1 gaming session with their favorite online star. This produced amazing results with influencers such as P2istheName, Dan D, Rodrigo F Gamer Respeita, Palominha and many more.



Stellaris, the space based strategy hit from grand-strategy powerhouse Paradox Interactive had it’s three years anniversary this year. To celebrate this, Paradox offered their fans a free-to-play weekend to check out the game. This event was pushed via a dedicated YouTube campaign across the English, German and French market, via influencers with a perfectly fitting target audience in the strategic niche. 

Song of Horror

Song Of Horror

A successful self service campaign with Raiser Game and their horror game “Song of Horror”, which was released on Halloween day. The campaign included a special influencer One Shot version challenge to see who gets the furthest on their first try, as well as an Episode 1 pre release version. Youtubers like ParashockX, Gab Smolders and Ultimate gamerz released videos accumulating over 200,000 views.

The Battle Cats

Battle cats

Ponos with their mobile game “The Battle Cats” were looking to pick up superstar influencers for their let’s play campaign. We selected superstar content creators like: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Preston, Juegagerman and more – the campaign reached over 12.3 million views in the English, Spanish and French target market. Cats definitely won this battle… Check out our The Battle Cats Case Study to read about the “Immense Impact of Organic Installs When Running a Campaign with Influencer Superstars”.



Perfect World with their action roleplay third play shooter game “Remnant” were looking for German and french live stream content. The concept revolved around live stream and YouTube let’s plays, which were created by influencers such as: Bob Lennon, Bruugar, Scurrows and Shurjoka. A total reach of over 265,000 views was created for this campaign. Definitely one of our favorites as well as an awesome game!

Samsung Gamescom 2019

Image displayed under permission of Cheil

We collaborated with Cheil, the in-house marketing agency of Samsung to create an international gaming booth with the best games and influencers including: P4wnyhof, iamThanh, Sola and many more . Check out our Samsung Case Study to see how Samsung worked with influencers to embrace gaming culture for their Gamescom Booth 2019. My personal favorite campaign of the year.

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