Influencer Marketing for Black Friday Game Sales


Here’s how you can use Influencers to drive sales of your games during Black Friday.

Black Friday and its numerous extensions (Cyber Monday, Just Buy Our Damn Stuff Thursday) are a magical time in retail, when the veil between wallet and willpower is at its thinnest. Games, gadgets and gear are being sold off at ridiculously reduced rates. Games publishers and hardware retailers try to one-up each other to have the best deals out there. Amazon, Steam, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all try to present their users with deals they cannot refuse. It has become increasingly hard to stand out with your game during this Armageddon of retail.

Influencers’ followers look to them for the best deals and promotions, therefore, the best way to reach consumers this year and raise awareness of your game’s sale via Social Media Influencer activity.

black friday influencer marketing for games

Games Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend?

For games and online sales, Cyber Weekend starts early with Thanksgiving. Everyone is at home with their families, having free time and using the presents from grandma to go online shopping. The online spending on Thanksgiving Day 2018 alone hit the $3.7 billion, compared to $6.2 billion on Black Friday. But the biggest winner is Cyber Monday, registering online revenues of $7.9 billion, becoming the biggest sales day of the year in the US.

Customers need to be aware of potential deals as early as on Thanksgiving and with it being a U.S holiday, the best way to reach them is via their favorite social media stars, whose content will generate lots of attention over the weekend.

Influencer Marketing Promote Black Friday Game Sales

Creating an Influencer Strategy for the Cyber Weekend

Brands can benefit hugely from planning ahead and utilising influencers this year to effectively target their target audience.  An influencer-led campaign will not only raise awareness of your game or product, but will also generate exposure of your brand itself right up to Christmas. Due to the incremental sales and online visits during this time of the year, influencer and user-generated content posts are twice as likely to be seen and shared. Thus, companies can expect to see up to a 25% increase in the engagement whenever an influencer posts something brand-related.

black friday influencer marketing for games

Why not use a gaming or tech influencer, who has a huge loyal audience who are invested in him or her and care deeply about what they think about a particular game and the attached price tag. YouTubers and Twitch streamers will be great this Black Friday/Cyber Monday to promote your best deals!

Influencers can promote a variety of products from technology, toys and games to family and baby products and everything lifestyle. Let us know if we can help to get you started.

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