Level Up Your Game – Influencer Marketing Tips & Tricks

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22nd of July, 2020

In the last blog we identified that influencer marketing strategies differ between the most successful game developers. More importantly, working with more influencers resulted in a positive correlation to the increase in attention for these global game developers.

As for Part 2, GameInfluencer wants to share together with the research from Tubular Labs, how you can really apply influencer marketing strategies in your business and create positive growth. Sit back and learn how you can level up your game with influencer marketing strategies.

4 Ways You can Level Up Your Influencer Strategies

1. Organic Influencer Content about Your Product or Service

Hint. The most important way of them all – work with influencers that have already organically created content about your product or service. Not only will this most likely become an authentic partnership, but will also result in an increased promotion performance.

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2. Choose Performing Influencers within a Gaming Niche

Long gone the stereotype of gaming being a niche, within the gaming category there are a wide range of genres. It is important to find genres that fit to your product or service and partner with performing influencers in the identified niches.

3. Target Demographics are More Important than Influencer Reach

Working with influencers that have a certain reach is an important factor, when it comes to choosing the best fit. Nonetheless, finding influencers with the right target demographic for your product or service will be much more impactful to your end results.

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Look for quality user intents within target demographics rather than just sheer size. These focused target demographics can mostly be found with micro and macro influencers!

4. Micro and Macro Influencers Create Better ROI

As it does depend on the performance indicators for your campaign, micro and macro influencers usually perform better than superstars. Growing influencers have very engaged and focused audiences, which they are more connected to.

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This will result in a better conversion rate and ROI, as influencer opinions are very valuable to these types of audiences. If you are not just looking for brand awareness, micro and macro influencers are your best bet.

The Right Influencers for You

Stay tuned for our next blog post! We will be sharing with you some of the top performing influencers for game developers and gaming niches. Learn more about influencers and how you can be successful with influencer marketing campaigns.

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