Q5 Influencer Marketing: The Power of Post-Holiday Campaigns


With the holidays on the horizon, the gaming world is gearing up for a festive frenzy of fun and games! Enter Q5, a magical time, with a unique opportunity to shine with influencer marketing and strategically position your brand.

Let’s explore the immense potential of influencer marketing campaigns and why you shouldn’t slow down your marketing activities even after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Capture Post-Holiday Gaming Enthusiasts!

According to a recent study by Newzoo, the post-holiday period sees a significant spike in gaming activity, with a 20% increase in the number of gamers exploring new titles and platforms.

A recent study by Meta also showed a full 41% of holiday shoppers say their shopping continues past the immediate holiday season. Across casual, casino, midcore and hypercasual genres, developers have a huge opportunity to boost revenue in this important Q5 period.

Take Advantage of the Lower Ad Costs!

In the whirlwind of Q4, advertising costs skyrocketed, driven by events like Black Friday and Christmas. However, a noteworthy shift occurs post-December 26th. There is a significant drop in Facebook CPM (26%) and in Instagram CPM (33%), which stays until mid-January. It’s a prime time for marketers for reaching a broader audience at a more budget-friendly rate.

Ride the Wave of New Year Gaming Resolutions!

The start of a new year often prompts gaming enthusiasts to set resolutions, whether it’s completing a certain number of games, reaching specific levels, or exploring new genres.

Influencers, with their ability to connect on a personal level, can share their gaming resolutions and align them with your brand’s products or services. This approach fosters a sense of community and encourages followers to incorporate your brand into their gaming journey.

Explore Your Perfect Q5 Campaign Ideas!

Optimise Gift Card Redemptions!

Video game gift cards are a popular holiday gift, and the post-holiday period sees a surge in their redemption. Collaborating with gaming influencers to promote your products as ideal choices for gift card redemptions can drive significant sales during Q5, taking advantage of the increased spending in the gaming sector.

Use Last-minute Discounts!

Q5 is an ideal time to clear out excess inventory from holiday releases and merchandise. Influencers can create engaging content around exclusive discounts, limited-edition items, or bundled packages, encouraging their followers to make post-holiday purchases. This not only helps manage inventory but also capitalises on the heightened post-holiday interest in new gaming content.

So let the gaming cheer continue! With gaming influencers as your holiday elves, your brand can sleigh the competition well into the New Year. So, why not unwrap the gift of influencer marketing success this Q5? Dive into the holiday gaming spirit, spread the joy, and watch your business grow!

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