Ski Safari Case Study 2021

How Yodo1 Made a Comeback with Ski Safari Through a Creative TikTok Campaign

The Chinese mobile developer Yodo1 reached out to GameInfluencer to activate a creative TikTok launch campaign to celebrate their 10th anniversary (GZ btw!). A campaign that we could not miss out on as a lot of nostalgic feelings are associated with this game.

If someone does not know Ski Safari, it is the downhill runner casual arcade game that probably most of you have played before.

The difference now is that Ski Safari relaunched as a FREE game for their 10th Anniversary.

Together with Yodo1 we executed 3 different creative concepts with 5 different content creators on TikTok. We collaborated with different types of TikTok channels including game meme, sports enthusiasts, and ski/skateboarding channels.


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Campaign Goal

For the 10th Anniversary of Ski Safari, we collaboratively decided to focus on the US market as it is one of the biggest mobile markets in the west. It allows us to have better access to a multitude of large TikTok content creators that would fit well to the campaign.

The launch of the campaign highly focused on organic TikTok posts with content creators, while also creating spark ads for additional reach.

With a campaign duration of 3 weeks, we successfully managed to hit over nearly 1.2 million views with the total video playtime being over 4,500 hours. The creative concepts provided by the GameInfluencer team lead to a successful game comeback.

Together we acquired more users for Ski Safari, grew game revenue, and provided a heavy organic uplift through the TikTok platform.

Ski Safari 10th Anniversary

Meet the Content Creators


Bob Reese

2.7M+ Followers

Corey Tonge

Corey Tonge

1.8M+ Followers

Reid Boehm

Reid Boehm

1.2M+ Followers



335K+ Followers



1.3M+ Followers

Campaign TikTok Content

We collaborated with well-known TikTok content creators like Bob Reese, Corey Tonge, Reid Boehm who we felt were great fits to the Ski Safari campaign for Yodo1. In total 5 TikTok content pieces were created for Yodo1 that reached over 1 million people. Below you can see the content items:

Fan Engagement

It was great to see how many people still remember Ski Safari and played it in the past. A great way to see reawake the nostalgic feelings of playing the game at school. Influencers like Bob Reese had over 12% engagement on their TikTok post, which is a fabulous result for a platform that usually sees 3-5% engagement.

The creative content on TikTok really made a difference in how the campaign was perceived, as well fitting integrations into the influencer’s “usual” content helped elevate the results for the campaign.

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