Battle Cats Case Study 2020

How Ponos Achieved A Massive Organic Uplift on Battle Cats with Influencer Marketing

Ponos was impressed with the past Battle Cats campaign performances and was looking forward to starting a new premium campaign with new influencers for their successful mobile tower defensive game. We collaborated once again for creative YouTube integrations for Battle Cats.

3 mega influencers were chosen to generate creative YouTube content around the Battle Cats game. A mixture of IRL, Skits and anime content were generated for this successful campaign.

Battle Cats 1

Campaign Goal

The campaign strategy for Battle Cats was to generate creative content around the tower defense game. We decided to integrate Battle Cats into the different channel’s content as this has worked very well in the past and created authentic video content.

We primarily focused on the US market for this campaign. The goal of the campaign was to target new audiences for the Battle Cats and drastically increase the organic uplift of the mobile tower defensive game.

Battle Cats 2

Meet the Influencers



1.58M Subscribers



1.13M Subscribers



3.43M Subscribers

Fan Engagement

Fans were absolutely loving the influencer content sponsored by Battle Cats. With an overall 8.4% engagement rate, the IRL cat cafe from CDawgVA and IRL skit from RDCworld1 were extremely successful.

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