Word with Friends 2 Case Study 2020-2021

Zynga successfully integrated Words with Friends on YouTube and Instagram

Word games can be super fun with family and friends, but can also turn your household into a warzone. Zynga‘s success with the word game “Words with Friends 2” lead them to seek additional influencer marketing promotion.

We stepped in and, together with Zynga, developed a cross platform influencer marketing campaign with YouTube and Instagram content. In total 5 influencers created over 22 pieces of content.


Campaign Goal

The goal for this campaign was to grow app installs through authentic YouTube integrations and Instagram posts that would ignite or reignite the fire for Words with Friends 2.

As a new creative outlet, we developed a Words with Friends 2 Instagram filter that creators used to generate interactive content for their audiences. Our approach was natural and carefully placed to not disrupt the content creators content. Some even incorporated an entire Words with Friends 2 video theme.

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Meet the Influencers

R&l Life

R&L Life

270K Subscribers


Feast of Fiction

1.35M Subscribers


The Icing Artist


Missy Lanning

Missy Lanning


The Johnson Family

The Johnson Fam

1.99M Subscribers

Campaign Content

With a total of 22 published posts, as mentioned before, we delivered cross platform content on YouTube and Instagram from the same influencers. Below you can click through our showcase of YouTube videos.

Fan Engagement

The family friendly game was well received by the targeted audience. They even shared their special connection with the popular word game. In total, there were over 120K engagements made with influencers content. A success in the books of Zynga and GameInfluencer.

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