Why you should do Influencer Marketing for Christmas in 2019

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Are you looking for inspiration for your influencer marketing during Christmas? Here are a few reasons why you should work with influencers to promote your game leading up to Christmas.

Content Blindness in traditional advertising

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for advertisers, marketers, and influencers alike. With retail sales peaking amidst the holiday season, you will notice influencers tend to collaborate with their favorite brands around this time of year in an effort to promote new products for Christmas!

With the overload of advertising, terms like “content blindness” are definitely not too far from reality. We are looking at a 1% display ad CTR compared to a 3% influencer campaign CTR, which portrays the complete overlook of thoughtful and creative display ads . With a total spending of over $8 billion in advertising in this last quarter and an annual spend increase of 5%, brands are fighting for the best Christmas ad.

At the end of the day, if your budget, creative or offer advantage do not cut through other season ads, you are better of investing into mindful influencers with high engaging audiences to promote your Christmas gaming specials.

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A bigger bang for your buck

From micro influencers to gaming legends, collaborations are possible for every budget size. With micro influencers becoming more important to convey gaming brand messages, fees may come in exchange of goods for services. Marketing costs rise for other platforms like Facebook, while influencer prices largely stay stable. They present a cost effective choice for remaining marketing budget at the end of the year. Additionally, individual trimmed gaming campaigns can cover all your needs in the form of posts, videos and livestreams. With gaming influencers being present on multiple platforms, cross platform promotions are extremely popular.

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Here are 2 example of a successful influencer video:

1. DanTDM with “MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO YOU!!! (Just Dance 2018!)”:

– A Christmas Just Dance Special in a one and only Santa Onesie, which was well received by his audience
– Over 120,000 engagements


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A simple, but authentic video with a touch of Christmas. DanTDM organically promotes Just Dance in a Santa onesie, creating extremely funny dance content. Original concepts like these come across very natural for audiences and are well received. Put influencers out of their comfort zone for your next successful Christmas campaign and highly engage with their viewers.

2. Ssundee with “Minecraft Mod – Christmas Mod – New Items, Mods, and Tools (WinterCraft)”:

– Featured him checking out the new Christmas additions in Minecraft
– Over 60,000 engagements


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SSundee presented a detailed Minecraft Christmas video, from throwing snowballs everywhere to cooking Minecraft Christmas food. Silly nerd comedy that created a lot of laughter for his viewers. If your game has any Christmas patches – influencers can be an authentic way to walk through these updates and give your game the attention it deserves.

Followers Respect their Influencers opinion

Hundreds of games offer christmas specials with in-game cosmetics, game themes, discounts or patches. How do gamers know what will be worth buying?

Influencers are picky with their sponsorships (especially during the holiday season) and usually only take brand offers that they connect to and feel fitting for their audience. Their highly-engaged audience trusts and values their opinions. Above that, authentic gaming influencer marketing campaigns certainly have a higher conversion rate in terms of views, engagement and CTR. Recommendations become valuable, create tangible results and your gaming brand gains brand trust.

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